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Stressbuster Day Retreat

Runs 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Clear away any stress!

Take a relaxing and energizing, therapeutic time out for yourself with our Stressbuster Day Retreat. This is your time to unwind at the pace that works for you. Breath in the fresh air, snug yourself on a hammock & read a book,  have a massage chair session, stretch with one of our beautifully spirited yogis, enjoy a healthy light lunch and feel the deep rejuvenation of it all.

Gentle morning yoga

Get settled and start the morning off with a lovely yoga class suitable for all levels.

2-course lunch

Start with a delicious homemade soup in rotation & indulge in a second course of healthy snackables!

Massage chair & Infared Sauna session included

Talk to us about a good time to schedule a session when you get arrive!

Closing yoga nidra

30 minute guided relaxation and closing yoga nidra.

All programming is optional.

Also enjoy these amazing additions through-out your day

Rock painting, Disc Golf, Cold Water Dip in river, Cedar Forest Bathing, Precious time to enjoy & explore the rest of the ground’s ponds, rivers, local wildlife and more.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, July 24 ~ Wednesday, August 14 ~ Friday, August 23